Diving cruise aboard the Bahamas Aggressor to swim with sharks

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Grand Bahama8  days

  • 8 days and 7 nights in a double cabin aboard the Bahamas Aggressor I
  • West End Northern Adventure Itinerary
  • Full board accommodation
  • Up to 27 dives, 5 per day
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This holiday is for divers
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These waters are inhabited by various shark species, including grey reef sharks, lemon sharks, hammerhead sharks, sand tiger sharks, silly sharks and others

Coral Reef

Its incredible coral formation are considered to be one of the richest ecosystems of The Bahamas

Tiger Beach

Thanks to a special bait system, you’ll be able to experience the thrill of swimming right next to amazing reef sharks on this beach


The Bahamas are the ideal place to swim with various dolphin species, some of which are indigenous to the Islands


Leatherback, hawksbill, and loggerhead sea turtles have chosen these waters as their home


Bumping into Nassau groupers, giant groupers and black groupers is quite common whilst snorkelling or diving


Chances of spotting these amazing creatures are extremely high pretty much all year round

Cat Cay

Between April and June, large numbers of whitetip reef sharks, attracted by large numbers of migrating tunas, can be spotted near this island

Exuma Islands

This archipelago is made up of around 265 islands and cays and is divided in three main areas: Great Exuma, Little Exuma and Exuma Cays.


Bimini, the westernmost district of The Bahamas, not to mention the closest to the US, is comprised of a chain of Islands with lots of diving spots that are suitable for all levels of divers


Chances of spotting the majestic humpback and sperm whales are highest between December and March

Pilot Whales

These creatures belong to the dolphin family and are usually spotted between April and May

Bahamas Park System

The Bahamas Park System includes a whopping 27 national marine and land parks, distributed throughout the archipelago

Moriah Harbour Cay National Park

Established in 2002, this park covers 13,440 acres and its marine environs are a vital part of the ecosystem in Exuma. The park is made up of sand dunes, mangroves and beaches and is the perfect habitat for birds and marine creatures

Amberjack Reef

When diving in this incredible reef it’s not uncommon to bump into grey reef sharks and black groupers

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So many sharks!

Alfio from Vercelli, July 9, 2017

We went on something like 30 dives and each one was better than the next. Thanks to a special bait system, we were able to swim right next to some amazing sharks, who didn’t really care about our presence. What an amazing experience!

Paradise on earth

Beatrice from Mantova, May 3, 2018

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you The Bahamas are beautiful… But what’s even more amazing is how qualified the diving staff is. They know what they are doing and make you feel like you’re part of something big. Thank you!


Carlo from Firenze, July 15, 2019

Well planned holiday. Everything is close to perfect. Transfers from one place to another are smooth and the dives are incredible. Extremely satisfied!

Grand Bahama 8  days

  • 8 days and 7 nights in a double cabin aboard the Bahamas Aggressor I
  • West End Northern Adventure Itinerary
  • Full board accommodation
  • Up to 27 dives, 5 per day
show more (3)
starting from€ 2691 + Flight
24x7 assistance
no additional cost
certified and guaranteed
support the marine environment
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Alessio Casali2019/4/8 20:05:22 from Facebook
Ho acquistato un pacchetto vacanza comprendente crociera sub+resort nel Mar rosso;vacanza dal buonissimo rapporto qualità - prezzo che ha soddisfatto le aspettative. Una nota di m...
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Valentina Fiore2019/3/17 23:58:26 from Facebook
DiveCircle è una garanzia. NOSY BE, Madagascar 28/12/18 - 5/12/19. Cercherò di essere sintetica e di lasciarvi informazioni rilevanti senza soffermarmi troppo sulle emozioni c...
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Martinotti Danilo2019/3/8 22:09:54 from Facebook
Grazie a Massimiliano, Valeria e a tutto lo staff di Dive Circle, che in base alle nostre esigenze ci hanno proposto e poi organizzato una splendida vacanza(viaggio,trasferimenti,s...
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Roberto Bacigalupi2019/2/12 11:13:47 from Facebook
Consiglio a tutti di rivolgersi a DiveCircle per organizzare il loro viaggio sub. Il loro punto di forza: - velocità - interattività - assistenza continua prima e durante So...
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Roberta Penna2019/2/10 20:26:32 from Facebook
Da Ancona a Cancun abbiamo volato ma la visita alle rovine Maya (Tulum, Chichen itza e Coba') ci hanno fatto tornare indietro nel tempo mentre le immersioni e lo snorkeling nei ree...
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Andrea Serri2019/1/19 13:58:50 from Facebook
veloci efficenti simpatici Ottima crociera maldive a bordo di Blu Voyager alla ricerca del grande pelagico, ma non solo
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Diego Scuba2018/12/17 16:02:34 from Facebook
Viaggio fantastico a Nosy Be per subacquei e non. ottima assistenza da parte del personale di Divecircle anche durante il viaggio e da parte dei corrispondenti in Madagascar e del...
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Catia Quagliotto2018/11/26 19:35:53 from Facebook
Sono stata alle Maldive con divecircle. A dharavandhoo al resort Blancura col diving gestito da Virgilio e Jessica Organizzazione via wathapp e mail puntuale e efficiente. In loco ...
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Deborah Mucignat2018/11/25 20:05:12 from Facebook
anche se con un po di ritardo, eccomi a lasciare un commento!... decisamente positivo! Sono stata a Nosy Be, la vacanza è stata magnifica! lo staff è riuscito ad organizzare tutto...
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Pietro Grioli2018/11/12 18:38:17 from Facebook
Dopo qualche imprevisto, non legato a Dive Circle di cui invece dobbiamo sottolineare la attenzione e il supporto fornito ben oltre le attese, raggiungiamo la meta tanto ambita:...
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Thomas Giannini2018/10/31 13:30:14 from Facebook
È iniziato tutto per puro caso.. Feci una semplice richiesta di preventivo a titolo informativo.. Dopo qualche istante mi squilla il telefono, era Massimiliano con estrema gentilez...
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Vinicio Aime2018/9/24 15:54:39 from Facebook
Ottima esperienza con divecircle a marettimo, inizialmente c'è stato un piccolo ritardo nell'invio dei documenti di viaggio ma è bastato parlare con lo staff e tutto si è risolto v...
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